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Achieving Sustainability & Huge Cost Savings When Sourcing Your IT Hardware!


The Education Showroom is delighted to partner with The Renewed Store, an education solution provider specialising in providing BSI KitemarkTM certified refurbished IT equipment, to encourage schools/MATs and all organisations (and the end consumer) to choose a sustainable IT solution.

Founded over 25 years ago, The Renewed Store has been delivering the highest-quality refurbished IT hardware and upgrades to schools and MATs across the UK.

With a deep belief that the IT industry needs to develop more sustainable practices, refurbished IT from The Renewed Store is a reliable, viable, cost-effective, and sustainable solution for all your school/MAT IT hardware needs, both now and in the future.

The Renewed Store are a BSI Certified reconditioner of laptops, PCs, monitors, All-in-One PCs, tablet PCs and iPads. This independent global certification demonstrates the quality and reliability of equipment and provides assurance that ‘second-hand’ doesn’t mean second grade.

Should you choose to make the switch to a sustainable IT purchasing strategy from The Renewed Store, your school/MAT can expect:

  • Savings of up to 40% versus the price of new
  • Minimum 12-month warranty, extendable to 36-months
  • BSI KitemarkTM Certified quality
  • Flexible finance including Finance Lease, Operating Lease, Contract Hire, Hire Purchase, Rental, Refinancing
  • Fast, reliable performance
  • Secure set up
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Multi-ship & Warehousing
  • Try Before You Buy service
  • Extremely fast delivery

A sustainable IT strategy will also positively impact your ESG/CSR performance and policies:

  • Reduce e-Waste
  • Reduce CO2e emissions
  • Contribute to a circular economy
  • Contribute to the Government’s Digital Inclusion Strategy
  • Redistribute assets, creating a second-life with our Buy Back and Donate Tech services

In the past, buying refurbished IT equipment may have felt like a risk, perhaps a risk too big for schools/MATs to take. The Renewed Store, with its BSI certification and 12-month warranty are offering education settings a reliable way to make the switch with absolute confidence and trust.

The sooner your school/MAT takes the first step into refurbished IT with The Renewed Store, the sooner you and your organisation can benefit from significantly lower costs/prices and sustainable IT purchasing.

We would be delighted to invite you to our free online Spotlight event taking place on Monday 26th June 2023 at 6pm all from the comfort and convenience of your school or home.

Take the opportunity to see and hear much more about a sustainable IT strategy, real-life case studies from schools and MATs across the country, identify the significant cost savings for your school/MAT and get the answers to any questions you may have.

The Agenda:

18:00 Interview with Leon Rombke. We learn all about the history of The Renewed Store including a vast array of awards and accreditations. We will also discuss and share a number of school/MAT case studies demonstrating huge cost savings and how these education settings have successfully implemented and adopted a sustainable IT strategy.

18:15 The Renewed Store will explain and demonstrate how they work with schools/MATs to achieve a seamless transition to a sustainable IT purchasing model and save huge sums of money without ever compromising on quality or service.

18:30 The Renewed Store will welcome any questions you may have.

18:40 End of spotlight