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Closing The Disadvantage Gap by Offering Cultural Capital Through Exciting, Engaging, Diverse and Interactive Human Stories


The Education Showroom is delighted to partner with Lyfta, an award-winning organisation striving for all students to have access to people, places, perspectives and cultural capital that they might otherwise not have access to. 

Lyfta provides a unique window to a world of human stories; an impactful and captivating way to introduce diverse cultures and perspectives into the classroom.

Lyfta is dedicated to improving student outcomes, and has a real focus on pedagogy and evidence informed practice. Lyfta recently received the Transformational Impact Bett Award 2023 in recognition of the impact being achieved with schools using the platform across the UK and beyond.]

Lyfta comprehensive and innovative real-world learning solutions help learners adopt key skills that prepare them for our fast changing world by supporting their sense of ‘global connection’ and belonging, and increasing their exposure to different ways of living and being. 

The distinctive, interactive platform uses easy-to-access technology to bring the world into the classroom, integrating learners’ independent enquiry and discovery with tailored curriculum and learning objectives which are identified and shaped by the teacher. The platform provides solutions that can be implemented quickly, easily and affordably to create impact effectively. 

Lyfta’s team of educators, designers and technologists have crafted an innovative and pedagogically excellent resource – so teachers can deliver fun, engaging and impactful lessons with minimal preparation. The platform contains 70+ immersive human stories (with more added each term) and 350+ integrated lesson and assembly plans.

The Agenda

18:00 Interview with Serdar Ferit – CEO at Lyfta.  We will learn how the organisation came into being and the mission they are on to broaden the horizons of children and open up their worlds. We will hear some impact stories and use cases showing how schools are using the platform and the significant impact it is having.

18:15:  Lyfta will facilitate three breakout rooms designed for primary, secondary and SEND settings so you can get deeper into how the resources can work in your school or trust.

18:45: On completion of the breakout rooms, you will be invited back into the communal online meeting room where we have a Q&A session.  This empowers you to ask Serdar and his team any questions you may have. 

Lyfta will also be providing a great offer for schools in attendance who would like to try the platform for free.