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Introducing My Mood Stars:  The new and essential tactile toys and a highly effective developmental resource designed exclusively for Nurseries, Primary Schools and learners with SEND & EAL


The Education Showroom is delighted to partner with Wendy Woo, an organisation that can only be described as inspirational and fun!

Over the years Wendy Woo has developed a reputation second to none, for the design and sale of tactile toys that transforms the development of learners like you have never seen before!   

Wendy Woo will be featured during a Spotlight event on Wednesday 10th May 2023 at 6pm and we would love for you to join us.  Click here to book your free online seat. 

Here is a little introduction from Wendy herself:

My Mood Stars were first developed 14 years ago as myself and fellow childminders struggled to find an effective and affordable resource to implement (and evidence to Ofsted) the area of learning PSED.

With nothing suitable online, I decided to make a resource that would help introduce personal, social and emotional development to early years children and younger through play. I had a look through the craft box and pulled out a star-shaped piece of felt.  I stitched different emotion expressions onto eight different “Stars” – Happy, Sad, Sleepy, Shy, Surprised, Angry, Worried and Silly!

My Mood Stars were born!

I stuffed the “Mood Stars” with a polyester filling and sent them out to childminders who loved them! Not only did child minders love the Mood Stars, but their minded children, their parents and Ofsted loved them too!

The unique and highly effective My Mood Stars were further developed in 2018 after my Ofsted inspector suggested that I market the Stars.

I had the Stars purposely designed and manufactured so that I didn’t have to sew them anymore and to give them the excellent quality that they possess now. By 2020, My Mood Stars were in hundreds of early years settings and primary schools nationwide.

What’s more, the teachers using the Mood Stars would be so impressed with them that they would tell other schools and the ball keeps on rolling exponentially! Teachers found that by using the Mood Stars in groups such as Circle Time children had the opportunity, maybe for the first time that day to talk about, express and share their feelings.

The Mood Stars being so soft and visually attractive made the children want to hold them and make up scenarios that may have happened to make a certain Star feel its emotion.

One teacher wrote to me saying “After ten minutes of Circle Time with the Mood Stars, the children go about their day noticeably lifted and ready to focus on the day ahead.”

Teachers of children with SEN also found the Mood Stars to be beneficial in helping autistic children recognise emotions. Many autistic children can act in a way that might be deemed as “inappropriate” when experiencing sensitive situations. Scenarios played out with the Mood Stars work perfectly to help children, and adults, to understand their own feelings as well as those of others.

With the advent of Covid and all it brought, parents with children at home bought into the Mood Stars. They had noticed that their children were becoming introverted, worried, depressed, angry and sad. Children were having to deal with the illness and or passing of loved ones.  Many couldn’t sit with their usual classmates at school. Many couldn’t attend school.

With the Mood Stars, children were able to talk to their parents and carers more easily, enjoying the list of games and activities that help adults support their children in managing their feelings.

If you, your colleagues, school or MAT would like to understand more about My Mood Stars and the impact and difference that they have on children. I would love to welcome you to this Spotlight event on Wednesday 10th May 2023 at 6pm.   Click here to book your free online seat. 

The Agenda

18:00:  Interview with Wendy Woo – We learn all about Wendy Woo, the history, heritage, awards and how Wendy Woo helps and supports hundreds of nurseries, schools and MATs across the country which in turn is thousands of young children.

18:15:  Wendy Woo will present her new My Mood Stars so you can see how and why this incredible resource is having so much impact in nurseries and schools across the country.  

18:25:  Q&A session.  Wendy will welcome questions from the educators joining the Spotlight event.  Wendy would love to answer any questions you may have!

18:35 End of spotlight