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Tuesday, 8th October 2024, 16:15 – 16:45 BST

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This Spotlight event is specifically designed for Secondary Schools.

Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, Assistant Headteachers, Heads of Sixth-Form and Heads of Department including Heads of Computer Science, Science(s), Mathematics, Business, Politics, Philosophy, Sociology, Classics and Digital Learning will find this free online Spotlight event of the highest value.

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The Education Showroom is delighted to partner with Classoos the world’s leading supplier of digital textbooks from multiple publishers to schools worldwide.

As the international education landscape continues to embrace digital transformation, schools around the world are looking to significantly reduce costs on physical books and vastly improve the experience of their students.

Classoos provides a very affordable, single platform for accessing online (digital) textbooks and learning resources. Covering all areas of the British curriculum, Classoos is committed to supporting schools around the world with the very best experience for their learners – as well as helping significantly reduce costs, improve accessibility to hugely important textbooks and resources and offering an approach which stimulates the modern day ‘born digital’ student.

Classoos enables textbooks to come to life; teachers and students can create overlays which can include supplementary content including safe external links (pictures, audio, video) as well as notes and bookmarks.

Once using Classoos schools don’t need to go anywhere else for their textbooks since Classoos can provide licences for online textbooks from all the leading education publishers including Pearson, Hodder, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Bloomsbury, Collins and other more specialist publishers including PG Online, Colourpoint Education, and Elmwood with eTexbooks covering IGCSE, IB, A-Levels, T- Levels, GCSE as well as KS3; All major exam board are covered as well including Edexcel, AQA, OCR, SQA, CCEA and Cambridge International.

Classoos has been designed for international schools that have adopted 1:1 access for their students and is available on a PC, tablet or phone. With Classoos, students (and teachers) have much less to carry. Sometimes the whole school has moved to using digital books from Classoos, other times it is just one or two departments, or just a single teacher!

Join the ever-growing community of international schools adopting digital textbooks from Classoos, enhancing learning experiences, saving huge sums of money, transforming accessibility and contributing to a greener future.

We would be delighted to invite you to our free online Spotlight event, taking place on (enter date and time here), all from the comfort and convenience of your school or home.

Take the opportunity to meet with Tim and Hannah from Classoos and see much more about how they are helping schools around the world provide their students with digital textbooks and save money in the process!

Not only this but Tim and Hannah of Classoos will also provide you with complimentary, free-of-charge, no-obligation trials of their digital textbooks so you can experience and see for yourself just how impactful they can be.

We look forward to welcoming you to this free online event.

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We Donate £60 To Your School/MAT Via An Amazon Voucher Or Cash Donation (Of Your Choice) For Each & Every Online Event You Attend With Us! This Is To Help Your School Access & Afford Essential Supplies, School Meals, Products, Resources & Staff Rewards.*

We Also Contribute 20% Towards Each & Every Purchase You May Choose To Make (With No Limits) From Education Solution Providers You Meet Via Our Online Events, Up To A Value Of £300!*

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