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Wednesday, 11th September 2024, 16:15 – 16:45 BST

This Online Event Is Designed For The Following School/MAT Roles & Education Settings

This spotlight event is designed exclusively for the Alternative Provision including Independent Special Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts.

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Online Event Details

The Education Showroom is delighted to partner with LearnTrek, an innovative software product that allows specialist education settings to record and analyse progress for pupils who face significant barriers to full inclusion in education.

LearnTrek: Smart information management for the Alternative Provision and Independent Special School sectors

The progress of children with special educational needs can be obscured within the types of systems and metrics used to track progress for their mainstream counterparts. Management information systems (MIS) designed for use in mainstream settings track the basics across a large number of students, whereas LearnTrek allows users to track and analyse progress using a much wider variety of methods. From attendance and behaviour metrics, to safeguarding, curriculum progress and target setting, LearnTrek offers users a cloud based system for recording those tiny steps forwards and backwards taken by pupils who struggle to engage.

Created by leaders based in an Independent Special School for children with SEMH needs, LearnTrek has been developed to provide full MIS functionality for small settings for whom a large-scale information management system would not work well. With a focus on helping educators understand and recognise improvements in pupil performance, the system has also been designed to allow settings to run the statutory aspects of their provision such as daily timelines, communication records, safeguarding, stakeholder reporting, management reporting, target setting and student timetabling.

With all the essentials for running a special school, independent school, alternative provision or on-site specialist hub, LearnTrek offers you the opportunity to:

  • Consolidate the number of systems you use and streamline processes within your setting
  • Save money by decreasing the number of additional apps and integrations you need
  • Get visibility of your progress metrics for students who struggle all in one place
  • Track attendance, behaviour and social-emotional progress using metrics that better reflect how (and in what ways) your unique pupils engage with education
  • Break down your curriculum into tiny steps that reflect how your pupils learn, using cross-curricular mapping to ensure no learning goes unnoticed
  • Reduce workloads for staff who run multiple bespoke tracking processes
  • Protect your data integrity by ensuring staff comply with automated reminders
  • Automate admin processes for students who are dual-registered

LearnTrek has been powering the development of specialist provision since 2017, with a proven track record of supporting those whose pupils don’t always fit the mainstream mould. We know specialist education – but don’t just take our word for it:

“LearnTrek has been an essential tool in helping us track and showcase the steps of progress our students have made. It has completely transformed the way we work and we could not have grown our bespoke provision without it.”

“We had been looking for a system that we could use to keep all of our data in one place and make it easier for staff to access certain information. We were blown away by the flexibility and how bespoke the system could be. With the bespoke system we have in place we are in a much better place, we have also had local schools and Ofsted visit us and be impressed with how it all works.”

Join us on Wednesday 11th September 2024 at 4:15pm to hear more about LearnTrek’s exceptional work with specialist education settings to record and analyse progress for pupils who face significant barriers to full inclusion in education.

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We Donate £60 To Your School/MAT Via An Amazon Voucher Or Cash Donation (Of Your Choice) For Each & Every Online Event You Attend With Us! This Is To Help Your School Access & Afford Essential Supplies, School Meals, Products, Resources & Staff Rewards.*

We Also Contribute 20% Towards Each & Every Purchase You May Choose To Make (With No Limits) From Education Solution Providers You Meet Via Our Online Events, Up To A Value Of £300!*

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