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School & Academy Leaders: Refer An SLT Colleague From Your School Or Refer An SLT Colleague From Another School & Receive A £50 Amazon Voucher From Us, Each & Every Time, With No Limits!

Learn More About Our Incredible Referral Programme For Schools & Academies

Why Do We Have A Referral Programme?

Each and every month, we welcome over 100 new SLT members from schools and academies across the country, all via word of mouth, all recommended by fellow education professionals who attend our online events!

We are delighted and honoured to consistently hear the value and impact that The Education Showroom is adding to schools and academies, SLT members, teachers, students and parents alike.

We want to say a massive Thank You by giving back to you and your school. Therefore, this exciting referral programme is our way of showing our appreciation by providing you with a £50 Amazon Voucher for each and every SLT colleague within your school or any other school who attends an online event with us or participates in any of our additional services.

 How To Submit Your Referral:

Prior to kindly referring an SLT colleague/member, you as the referee are required to email with the SLT member you are referring ‘cc’d’ into the email to make a warm introduction and to enable us to track the source of the referral.

To qualify as a successful referral and receive the £50 Amazon voucher for you/your school, the SLT member you are referring must meet all the following criteria:

  • Be an SLT member of your school or any other school or academy.
  • The school/academy of which the SLT member is employed by must be new to The Education Showroom and must not have attended an online event with us before or prior to your referral. 
  • The online event(s) that the referred SLT member registers and attends must be of genuine interest to their school/academy – meaning their school or academy is currently exploring products, services and/or solutions in-line with the event title/topic.
  • The SLT member must attend the online event in full, with their camera and microphone switched on at all times, meet with all education suppliers, submit their fully completed feedback form prior to midnight on the day of the event and have no technical interruptions or disruptions throughout the event. 

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Should the above criteria be fulfilled, your £50 Amazon voucher will be issued electronically within 24 hours of the referred SLT member having completed their first online event in full as per the above requirements. The Amazon voucher will be sent to your school/academy email address as an e-voucher.
  2. The £50 Amazon voucher is a one off payment paid after the full attendance of the referred SLT members first event. All events attended after this point by the referred SLT member will not qualify as referrals.
  3. There is no limit or cap on the amount of referrals you can make. Referrals are unlimited and providing the criteria articulated above is fulfilled you will be issued a £50 Amazon voucher each and every time you successfully refer an SLT member.
  4. This referral programme applies from 5th March 2024 onwards and does not apply to any prior referrals to this date and cannot be applied retrospectively.
  5. Should an SLT member from the same school/academy be referred to us by two or more referees, we will accept this only once, and will be treated on a first come, first served basis from the first of the introductory emails to that we receive.
  6. The Education Showroom reserves the right to cancel this referral programme at any time without prior notice or communication.
  7. The £50 Amazon voucher cannot not be exchanged for any other forms of payment.
  8. The £50 Amazon voucher cannot be given away or issued from one SLT member to another. They must be redeemed by the referring SLT member for use in their school/academy.
  9. You as the referring educator must have attended a minimum of 1 Education Showroom event to be able to refer another SLT member from your school or any other school to join our online events.
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Our 5 star Feedback

Endorsed by CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, Assistant Headteachers, School Business Managers & HR Managers

Over 200 school/MAT leaders attend our free online school improvement events every month!

Here are 6 reasons why they do

We Donate £60 To Your School/MAT For Each & Every Online Event You Attend With Us! This Is To Help Your School/MAT Access And Afford Essential Supplies, School Meals, Products, Resources & Staff Rewards Etc.*

Your free online 1-to-1 or small group meeting room ensures the highest quality interactions with each education solution provider

We contribute 20% towards each & every purchase you make via education solution providers you meet during our online events, up to a value of £300!* 

Due diligence is done for you. You will only ever meet with world-class, trusted, evidenced, proven and cost-effective education solution providers

Save Hours of Time and Money on Your Procurement Processes, Including Exploring and Researching Products, Services and Solutions

Our online events are backed by 30+ years of experience working with educators around the world


Daily free online events!

We host free online Education Supply school improvement events every single day!

Trusted Education Suppliers

Each online school improvement event contains the very best, proven, industry-leading education suppliers, all which have gone through a thorough, rigorous and detailed due-diligence process to ensure you meet with education suppliers you can trust and rely on.

The Highest Quality Interactions With Education Suppliers

To provide you with the highest quality experience and interaction with each and every education supplier, we have an interaction-led approach and facilitate small group and 1:1 meetings across all our events. Every school/MAT leader gets the opportunity to meet with every education supplier.

Themed events bespoke to your school/MAT needs!

Our online education supply events are intentionally themed. The benefit to you as a school/MAT leader is that you get to see a variety of products, services and solutions that are exactly what you have signed-up to see and learn more about - not random businesses doing a wide variety of different things.

What do we mean by themes?

For example, literacy and numeracy events will only include literacy and numeracy suppliers and HR and compliance events will only include HR and compliance suppliers.
Our 5 star Feedback

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