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Wednesday, 25th September 2024, 16:15 – 16:45 BST


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The Risk Of Learners Being Exposed To Explicit And/Or Inappropriate Content In The Classroom Is At An All Time High!

Learn How MAT Leaders Are Mitigating This Risk Using ClickView.

The Education Showroom is delighted and honoured to partner with ClickView, an organisation that is centred around supporting schools and multi-academy trusts with their safeguarding and online safety concerns, through inspirational and safe digital teaching and learning content.

ClickView is nationally and globally renowned for supporting thousands of educators to positively transform their school/MAT, workforce and environment. ClickView helps educators by producing the highest-quality teaching, ad-free, safe and secure video content to enhance learning outcomes across all schools/MATS.

YouTube has become an essential tool in many modern classrooms, with 91% of teachers incorporating it into their pedagogical toolkit. An increasing number of educators are turning to it and its transcripts to help them create lesson plans and resources in the classroom, with tools such as ChatGPT. However, the platform presents a series of challenges and risks that are too significant to ignore, particularly in light of the UK Government’s KCSIE23 guidance on safeguarding.

So, what’s the issue?

According to research carried out by TeacherTapp (June 2023), a staggering 73% of 6,746 teachers have encountered inappropriate, embarrassing or unsafe content while using YouTube in the classroom. This is not an inconvenience or something to raise a giggle from your class, it’s a serious safeguarding issue.

ClickView, a highly experienced team of former educators, who have built themselves around knowledge and skills, are passionate about sharing their key insights with the education sector to support schools and multi-academy trusts to overcome this serious safeguarding issue.

In order to create and deliver up-to-date and relevant curriculum-aligned learning content, ClickView continues to work alongside educational consultants, who are pedagogical experts in their subject areas. ClickView’s data shows that digital video content plays an integral role in teaching and learning within the schools and MATs they are currently working with, but also is viewed as vital in mitigating the risk of both staff and learners being exposed to explicit and/or inappropriate content within the classroom!

With a huge 60% of school teachers (rising to 78% in the primary setting) using both YouTube and personal streaming accounts on platforms such as Netflix in their classrooms, the risk of serious legal and ethical issues rises exponentially. With the UK Government’s updated KCSIE23 guidance on safeguarding, usage of unregulated streaming sites in the classroom could have serious legal implications for schools and trusts.

ClickView understands the need for a robust and safe system for teachers to access in their classrooms.

Key benefits of using ClickView:

  • Access to curriculum-aligned video content that prevents staff and learners from accessing anything deemed inappropriate or explicit.
  • Virtual classrooms to allow for differentiated outcomes and tailored learning experiences for each learner.
  • Multiple assessment options directly linked to teaching and learning content.
  • Analytics and reporting tools to deliver the progress, intervention and assessment needs of your learners directly to your staff team.

ClickView help and support all educational settings, including:

Multi-Academy Trusts

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

Further Education

Higher Education Institutions

We invite you to join us for this free online spotlight event, where we host ClickView. This is your opportunity to meet Michael Wilkinson, Managing Director and discover why and how ClickView is helping MATs and all educational settings mitigate the risk of both staff and learners being exposed to explicit and/or inappropriate content within the classroom.

As a thank you from ClickView for your time and attendance at this free online event, you will receive a complimentary, full access trial of the ClickView platform, given to you and every single school in your trust, absolutely free of charge – so don’t miss out!

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We Donate £100 To Your School/MAT Via An Amazon Voucher Or Cash Donation (Of Your Choice) For Each & Every Online Event You Attend With Us! This Is To Help Your School Access & Afford Essential Supplies, School Meals, Products, Resources & Staff Rewards.*

We Also Contribute 20% Towards Each & Every Purchase You May Choose To Make (With No Limits) From Education Solution Providers You Meet Via Our Online Events, Up To A Value Of £300!*

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