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Creating and Sustaining a Whole-School Wellbeing Culture

The Education Showroom is delighted and honoured to partner with Do-BeMindful, a cutting edge provider of whole-school wellbeing culture creation. Do-BeMindful have already delivered measurable, quantifiable outcomes and positive impacts in over 400 schools, trusts and other educational settings across the UK. 

Do-BeMindful provides an evidence-based, whole-school approach to nurturing a calm, compassionate and mindful culture through: 

  • CPD for all staff, every school’s greatest asset. Empowering staff to take ownership of their wellbeing and to practice simple yet effective strategies that reduce stress and improve wellbeing. 
  • Easy to implement evidence-based programmes/schemes of work for Early Years, KS1 and KS2 which develop attention, awareness and emotional regulation. 
  • Inspirational online training programmes for parents/carers to encourage a positive bridge between settings and home and a sustainable community approach.
  • Measuring impact on every member of staff and child that takes part.

The Do-BeMindful approach begins with understanding your individual setting, the challenges you might be facing in terms of staff (wellbeing, retention, recruitment, performance, motivation etc) and the children (engagement, behaviour, resilience etc). With you, one of their expert consultants will then tailor a bespoke plan to suit your individual school/MAT needs and budget. Whether that is providing just a few hours of consultancy or a three year programme to develop, embed and sustain a whole-school approach to wellbeing.

If you, your colleagues and your school would like to develop more empowered and resilient staff, children and parents/carers in an evidence-based way that impacts on pupil outcomes, then we invite you to register for this free online Spotlight event all from the comfort and convenience of your school or home and have the opportunity to meet Louise Smith, Founder of Do-BeMindful, and her team of experts.


18:00: Introduction to Do-BeMindful – We delve into the story behind Do-BeMindful, its vision, vast experience, expertise, evidence of impact and we also interview their inspirational C.E.O. Louise Smith.

18:15: Do-BeMindful will facilitate two themed online breakout rooms where they will focus on the ‘what, how, where, and when’ regarding Creating and Sustaining a Whole-School Wellbeing Culture – one of the breakout rooms will focus on staff and the second of the two rooms will focus on the students.  

18:45: On completion of the two themed breakout rooms, you will be invited back into the communal online meeting room where we have a live Q&A session. This is your chance to ask Louise Smith, C.E.O of Do-BeMindful and her colleagues any questions you may have.

18:55: End of spotlight