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Live Celebratory Product Launch Event – Join Us As Craig ‘n’ Dave Officially Launch Their Essential Business Studies Product

FREE to every attendee and their school to use with current year 10’s until their examinations

The Education Showroom is delighted to partner with Craig’n’Dave, two very experienced teachers who infuse the latest pedagogy and research into their teaching with great results.

Craig’n’Dave was born in 2015 as a result of the demise of ICT, the introduction of computer science and at the same time, new A level specifications with demanding content. This was an opportunity to rethink how they were teaching and introduce new pedagogical approaches for the benefit of their learners. 

Quickly other teachers wanted to adopt their approach and resources too. Today their YouTube videos have attracted over 15 million views, Smart Revise, their course companion has over 100,000 users and their classroom activities are used in over 1000 schools.

Smart Revise started as a revision platform for students but is now a complete course companion for teachers. It effortlessly blends the outcomes of academic research that informs best practice and overcomes the barriers to raising attainment Craig’n’Dave identified in their own classrooms. 

Hundreds of original, hand-crafted exam-style questions harnessed by the power of technology help students beat the forgetting curve, have more command of subject-specific terminology, and gain an “examiner perspective”. Unique features such as a focus on mastery, spacing, interleaving, guided and peer marking are not only proven to increase results, but they are implemented in ways to significantly reduce teacher workload too.

Baseline assessments, end of topic tests, online mock exams, identifying learning priorities and intervention are just some of the wealth of features offered by Smart Revise for teachers. Following the huge success of the product in Computer Science, teachers have been asking for a GCSE Business Studies version of Smart Revise.

The Education Showroom and Craig’n’Dave are delighted to invite you to this free online Spotlight event taking place on Tuesday 13th June 2023 at 6pm where you will hear and learn much more about how Smart Revise can raise attainment and significantly reduce workload in Computer Science and Business Studies.

Not only this, but as a thank you from Craig’n’Dave for your time and attendance at this free online event, the brand new product, Business Studies Smart Revise will be given to you and your school absolutely free of charge for use with your current year 10’s until their examinations – so don’t miss out!


18:00:  Interview with Craig’n’Dave – We learn all about Craig’n’Dave, the history, heritage and how they help and support schools/MATs across the country and beyond.  We also dive into key areas including impact studies and data.

18:15:  Craig’n’Dave will facilitate a short online presentation of their brand new Business Studies Product. 

18:40: On completion of the Business Studies product demonstration you will be invited to ask any questions you may have via the live Q&A session.

18:50:  End of spotlight