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Saving Every School/MAT Thousands of Pounds Each Year by Adopting a Sustainable Way to Source your IT Hardware Needs

The Education Showroom is delighted and honoured to partner with Vyta, a highly accredited organisation supplying Refurbished IT equipment to schools, colleges and universities across the UK & Ireland.

As the education landscape continues to embrace digital transformation, IT departments struggle with premium prices for desktops, laptops and monitors. Their existing hardware could be out of warranty, not functioning, or simply too outdated to run modern learning tools and applications.

As an IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) company, Vyta routinely collects redundant IT devices from global organisations seeking the data-secure and sustainable disposal of their IT. These devices are often very modern and fully working, they may be looking to replace them simply because the warranty has expired, or they belonged to a staff member who has since left the organisation.

These redundant devices enter a meticulous 23-step refurbishment at Vyta, including a deep clean, secure data wipe and some models undergo upgrades to bring them up to our impeccably high standard, ready to begin a new life in schools and classrooms.

Refurbished IT equipment doesn’t mean second best, as these devices are typically business-grade meaning they outperform ‘off the shelf’ retail models. Vyta offers these high-quality refurbished devices at significantly discounted prices, enabling educational institutions to stretch their budgets much further without compromising quality and performance in any way shape and form!

And, did you know that every day in Europe more than 160,000 laptops are thrown away, 70% of which could have been reused? 

E-waste is an increasingly concerning global problem and one which Vyta is passionate about tackling. By extending the lifecycle of devices that would otherwise reach landfill, Vyta is able to not only offset the CO2 emissions generated in the manufacture and shipping of a replacement computer but also prevent the rapid expenditure of finite resources such as rare earth minerals and metals.

Vyta works with all education settings including nurseries, schools, MATs, colleges and universities to provide technology tailored to their exact requirements and budget. Vyta offers a wide range of models, including popular brands like Lenovo, Dell, and HP, just to name a few. Committed to the highest quality, Vyta provides a 3-year warranty on all devices, along with free delivery across the UK and Ireland.

Join the growing community of educational institutions embracing cost-effective refurbished IT solutions from Vyta, enhancing learning experiences, optimising budgets, and contributing to a greener future.

We would be delighted to invite you to our free online Spotlight event taking place on Tuesday 12th September 2023 at 16:15pm all from the comfort and convenience of your school or home.

Take the opportunity to see and hear much more about Vyta and how they are helping nurseries, schools, MATs, colleges and universities to save significant amounts of money on their IT equipment without ever compromising on quality or service.


16:15: Interview with Leigh Medhurst . We learn all about the history of Vyta including an array of awards and accreditations for their services. We will also discuss and share a number of school/MAT case studies demonstrating huge cost savings and how these education settings are benefiting from Refurbished IT Equipment.

16:30: Vyta will explain and demonstrate how they work with schools/MATs to achieve an effortless transition to a sustainable IT purchasing model and save huge sums of money without ever compromising on quality or service.

16:55: Vyta will welcome any questions you may have.

17:05: End of spotlight