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Taking Smart Steps Today for a Better Tomorrow: Building a Culture of Positive Wellbeing in your School/MAT

The Education Showroom is delighted to partner with Tranquiliti, a Tes-backed digital solution for student wellbeing. 

Tranquiliti was founded to create a positive change after their co-founders worked directly in schools and experienced first-hand the challenges being faced. Since 2018, the team has worked closely with students, educators and leading experts to develop a service that can be more than a sticking plaster and can meaningfully support student wellbeing. The Tranquiliti service is having a significant impact in schools across the UK and internationally, and with the support of Tes is developing into one of the leading solutions for student wellbeing across the globe. 

Through the Tranquiliti app, students answer a weekly check-in on how they are feeling. The technology/service then generates insights and provides personalised guidance to students, form teachers and pastoral leaders. This helps students understand and manage their own wellbeing, gives teachers the tools to develop a supportive classroom environment, and gives pastoral leaders what they need to champion positive whole-school wellbeing.

The key areas that Tranquiliti measures allows schools to proactively identify and address the immediate needs of students whilst building a culture to prevent issues from developing in the future. But more than that, the technology/service always answers the question of “what next?”. By working with a community of experts to build a library of high-quality content and resources, Tranquiliti ensures that students and staff can upskill themselves and always take informed and impactful action based on the data.

If you, your colleagues and your school/MAT want to build capacity to effectively support student wellbeing and take a truly proactive, best of breed approach, then we would be delighted to welcome you to this free online spotlight event.

We invite you to register for this free online event all from the comfort and convenience of your school or home and have the opportunity to meet, explore and have your questions answered with Tranquiliti’s Co-founders, George Metcalfe and Aaron John, and their Sales Manager Gerald Vaughan. Click here to book your free online seat.


18:00:  Interview with George Metcalfe and Aaron John, Co-Founders of Tranquiliti. We learn all about Tranquiliti, the history, heritage, the relationship with Tes, awards won, evidence of impact and the problem they help solve in schools/MATs. 

18:15:  Tranquiliti will invite you to join an online breakout room. This breakout room will enable you to receive an interactive demonstration of the Tranquiliti technology/service and will also cover a variety of case studies, school testimonials and ‘how to use the technology’ in your school.

18:40: On completion of the breakout room, you will be invited back into the communal online meeting room where we have a live Q&A session.  This empowers you to ask George, Aaron and their team any questions you may have.

18:50:  End of spotlight