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Transforming Children’s Literacy, Almost Overnight!

The Education Showroom is delighted and honoured to partner with Mighty Writer, a multi-award winning tactile literacy tool exclusively designed for Primary and Special Schools.

Mighty Writer is an exciting, tactile, visual teaching resource which simplifies the process of learning to write. It was created by Emma Ralph, a primary teacher of 17 years, based on her time-honoured classroom experience. Transforming the way children learn to write, this unique tool will fill your class with independent, confident and capable writers – and it does it almost overnight or your money back!

As we all know, learning to write is a complex experience for children. While some adapt well to this journey, others struggle, and risk being left behind. Mighty Writer breaks the process down into easy to manage chunks, enabling the development of key literacy skills, so children of all abilities and backgrounds can begin to write with confidence and develop a real love for literacy!

Mighty Writer will engage the whole class in a unique, story-writing process using tools that are both tactile and visual. This helps to shape their understanding of punctuation and grammar, making the story blissfully simple to transcribe. 

Here’s Mighty Writer’s 4 step process:


All children have powerful imaginations, but their storytelling abilities may vary. To help every child express their ideas, they can use a range of visual and tactile tools – image tiles alone can be used, or a more advanced child may be encouraged to use sentence mats and arrows for structure, too. Whichever resources are appropriate, the children can use Mighty Writer to tell a terrific tale of their own, or to retell one that they already know. 


Using the relevant tiles, teachers can help to illustrate the visual story with sentence openers, conjunctions and punctuation, as well as symbols to represent adjectives, emotions, verbs and adverbs. Arrows between sentences will give the story a natural flow that children can easily follow; meanwhile, they can become gradually more involved with punctuation and grammar, as their confidence grows.

There’s no pens, paper or permanence, so children will naturally feel more inclined to get involved and give challenging tasks a try.


Mighty Writer’s kinaesthetic method of learning helps to ingrain complex principles, which many children would otherwise need to grapple with for some time. As soon as they pick up their pencils to transcribe, it’ll become clear how much the children have remembered from the tactile process of putting a story together with Mighty Writer

In fact, you’ll see a difference in the whole class’s enthusiasm, ability and understanding, almost overnight. 


As your class’s confidence with storytelling soars, so will their enthusiasm for writing. Transcribing their Mighty Writer stories will soon become their favourite part of the school day.

To make the process even easier, we have developed a series of downloadable worksheets mapping out various lengths of story, with handy reminders for sentence starters and punctuation. 

If you, your colleagues and your school/MAT would like to learn more and see the amazing Mighty Writer in action then we would be delighted to welcome you to this free online spotlight event taking place on Monday 12th June 2023 – so please book your free online seat here.

We invite you to register for this free online event all from the comfort and convenience of your school or home and have the opportunity to meet, explore, see Mighty Writer in action and have your questions answered by David Ralph, Managing Director of Mighty Writer.

Click here to book your free online seat.


18:00:  Interview with David Ralph, Managing Director of Mighty Writer. We learn all about Mighty Writer, the vision, history, heritage, the array of awards won over the years, evidence of impact and the problem they help solve in Primary and Specials schools. 

18:15:  David Ralph will conduct a short presentation of Mighty Writer, live, so you can see this tactile solution in action.

18:30: On completion of the live demonstration we will have a live Q&A session.  This empowers you to ask David Ralph any questions you may have.

18:40:  End of spotlight